Learning A.I. music basics

Here are 2 websites to make free AI music.
You can make 5 free songs a day in a set of 2.
This means it will make 2 sets of songs per creation.

Example of a song structure

Under the stars, the night sky
Romance of the silver moon glowing
Footsteps echo in the night on the gentle breeze
Feel the calm and it sets me free

[Verse 2]
Shadows dance on the floor
In the night we’re not alone
Moon above she gently smiles
Stay here with me for a while

Moonlight stroll in the night
Hands holding, desires unfold
Hearts align as one
In the moonlight, we are bound

Close your eyes, and just let go
Feel the magic let it flow
Whisper dreams to the night
Everything will be alright

[Verse 3]
Every step feels so grand
Together we understand
Magic in the night so bright
Walking under the stars tonight

Moonlight stroll in the night
Desires unfold holding hands
Hearts align as one
In the moonlight, we are bound


It’s easy to make A.I. music, but it is hard to make good A.I. music other than these genres it was mostly trained on (hip hop and country) or because the A.I. loves to rhyme at the moment so it’s easy to use the A.I. lyrics it generates to make 100% A.I. songs in hip hop.

The structure of the music normally goes like this. Verse / Verse / Chorus, but it doesn’t have to be. You can set it up anyway you wish, but sometimes the A.I. will not follow those commands. To the end of a song, you might want to put [Fade][End] because without those commands you can have a song with runoff (meaning the song will continue beyond the end), and even with the command you still get runoff once in a while. You can use a free program called Audacity to fix the runoff just by cutting off some of the songs.

Audacity is a great tool for audio editing and it’s free for the most part. Here is a YouTube site you may wish to go to, to learn a bit more (AI Controversy).

Only a short time ago (5/21/24) the A.I. could not make music that matched the song and you had to try to make the song 20 to 40 times before you got a nice outcome but as of (6/10/24) it only takes as one to 2 tries for a nice working music. This technology is moving leaps and bounds and I believe this is the next technological stage of transition in our future.

This technology is moving so fast that I think we may be able to make our own personal music anytime anywhere we like by the end of this year 2024. With Facebook’s Meta AI integrating voice interface and Microsoft Copilot making new PCs with personal A.I. chips in the computers right now (6/14/24) it won’t be too long to have AI integrated into our day-to-day lives.

The only advantage we have in making music may be the experiences that we have acquired and the ability to express them in our own words so musicians will still be needed for the expression of the language style we speak in. Musicians have always been storytellers and they will still be the storytellers, but now those who made music for the good sounds and vibe without a real story will slowly die out.

Example of the music of the song on the left