What do we need to rent a boat?

A government-issued photo ID, and a form of payment. We accept cash or credit card.

Do I need a boating license to operate your motor boats?

No, in Pennsylvania you only need a boating license if the boat crates a wake or moves faster than 5 MPH and our trolling motor only moves 2.2 to 2.8 MPH.

Do we need a reservation?

It’s whoever comes here first and is the first to fill out the form is the first to be served. We do not take reservations for boat rental.

Where should we park?

Follow the signs by route 390 in the park for Boat Rental (108 Boat Rental RD, Greentown, PA 18426); we have two large parking lots right next to the boat rental, Parking is free.

Are you closed when the weather is predicted to be bad?

No not unless it’s a very windy day, a windy day is more dangerous than a stormy day. On predicted rainy days we are open till it actually rains for more than an hour and we may just wait it out or just close depending on the weather also if the weather report says 80% up on multiple prime hours then we will close.

Do you close early when the weather is bad?

No, not unless the weather is very bad (wind speed 15 mph and up) or rains for more than an hour.

I’m bringing a huge group, what do you recommend we do?

We have many boats to accommodate most large groups on the weekdays but call ahead to make sure. Having a headcount and a spokesperson is always helpful before calling. Please be aware that while we have a large number of boats, weekends and holidays are very busy, demand can be high and you may have to wait to be served.

What is the minimum age required to rent a boat?

Age 13 for non-motorized boats, with a valid government-issued ID. Age 16 and up for our electric motorboats. We will not allow children under 13 on the water without someone age 16 and up joining them.

What is the minimum age for children boarding your boats? Are infants permitted on the boats?

All ages are allowed on our boats. We reserve the right to determine whether a child may board a boat based on safety concerns.

Do we need life jackets?

Life jackets are provided at no charge. If you would like to bring your life jackets, that is acceptable, provided they are Coast Guard Approved. When using kayaks & canoes, you must wear your life jacket at all times under Promised Land State Park’s guidelines For these boats, children 12 and under must wear a life preserver at all times set by federal law, while adults need only have a preserver on board. Again life jackets are included in your rental at no charge.

Do babies/infants count towards a boat’s max occupancy?

An infant or a child will be counted towards max occupancy & 4 is the maximum number of occupancy on either a rowboat or a motorboat.

Are dogs allowed on your boats?

Dogs are welcome aboard our boats, but large dogs are only allowed on our rowboats or electric motorboats. Be warned that we will only rescue people on the boat first if including the dog exceeds the max weight limit of 450 lb.

Can we swim from your boats?

Swimming is not permitted anywhere other than the two swimming areas at either the upper lake main beach or pickerel point beach, but not from our boats or other parts of the lake.

Can we fish from your boats?

Yes, however, please be aware you must follow all PA fishing regulations including licensing. See the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website for more information. We do not sell fishing licenses on-site, but you can acquire one at any sporting goods store or online at huntfish.pa.gov.

Can we launch our own boat from your site?

No, please launch your own boat from one of the park’s 5 convenient boat launches for large boats and 7 boat launches for kayaks and canoes not constructed out of metal (all metal-constructed watercraft are considered large boats). You can acquire a map from the park office that shows you all the launch sites.

Are lockers available for use?

Sorry, but no.

Is alcohol permitted on your boats?

No, and drinking an alcoholic beverage is illegal inside all State Parks.

How will we know when our rental is over?

We will give you a yellow slip with the return time when you begin your rental, but it is your responsibility to have a way to keep track of the time while on the water. Please bring your yellow slips back at the end so we know that you have safely come back and so we do not have to send out a rescue party.

When do you close for the season?

We are technically closed 2 weekends after Labor Day (we are only open on the weekends after labor day), we may be open on a weekday, but please call or text ahead before (570) 503-6414 coming up after Labor Day on a weekday. From May 1st to May 15th and from Sept 6th to Sept 30th please text or call ahead on the weekdays to see if we’re open and you can make an appointment on those days to rent via the contact us page, text, or phone.